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SPECIES Nutrition is a nutritional supplements company dedicated to producing high quality supplements for serious athletes and health-conscious individuals. The SPECIES line of nutritional supplements is geared towards pushing the boundaries of innovation and purity in its ingredients to provide today's athlete the fuel to take their performance and health to new levels.


Every athlete that wishes to maximise performance and optimise recovery needs to supplement with the core essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fatty acids. That's at the heart and essence of any well-constructed nutritional supplement program. SPECIES Nutrition products provide the highest quality ingredients, real-world effective dosages, and full disclosure of every compound on our labels. 


Anna McCardle, has been involved in fitness and wellbeing since high school. For the past 10 years she has competed in body building, strong women and powerlifting. It was during her 2016 bodybuilding debut that she discovered and starting using Species Nutrition and has never looked back. 

Anna comes from a construction industry background starting as a drafter progressing through to Project Manager. She is a mother to 3 boys and a reserve soldier for 15 years making her family orientated, friendly, supportive and determined.

Anna took over management of Species Nutrition NZ in September 2022 and wants all those who want to preform and live healthier to have access to the best possible supplements the industry has to offer with SPECIES Nutrition.


Dave Palumbo, one of the most renown authorities in the bodybuilding and fitness world, is the proud founder and President of SPECIES Nutrition.

As a former bodybuilder, Dave competed on the National Physique Committee (NPC) circuit for 15 years, garnering international fame and a reputation as one of the sport's hardest working, innovative, and charismatic competitors.

Highly educated in advanced forms of supplementation and nutrition, Dave was one of the most sought-after sponsored athletes by nutrition supplement companies during his bodybuilding career.

Dave has always had a burning passion for training and nutrition. and his "old school" approach has made Dave the nutrition coach of choice for many professional athletes and celebrities, including WWE’s Triple-H and magician Criss Angel.

Dave's vision for health and nutrition is the heart and soul of the SPECIES line of products. His commitment is to provide an elite nutrition product line to all who want to live healthier and train more efficiently.



Anthony Durando

Fibrelyze has changed my life - 

"A friend turned me on to this product and everything's been smooth sailing since. I have recommended Fiberlyze to at least 10 others whose lives have also changed for the better. I now understand why dogs get so happy and kick up grass and run around the yard after they go. Thank you  Fiberlyze for slipping goodness into my life and helping the bad slip out.

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