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Species Nutrition NZ Management have been involved in the Bodybuilding & Power-lifting community for over 20 years and have used a large amount of supplements during this time. But once we found Species Nutrition USA developed by Dave Palumbo we just had to import this to NZ and share with all athletes this incredible range.

As a former bodybuilder, Dave competed on the National Physique Committee (NPC) circuit for 15 years, garnering international fame and a reputation as one of the sport's hardest working, innovative, and charismatic competitors.

Dave's vision for health and nutrition is the heart and soul of the SPECIES line of products. His commitment is to provide an elite nutrition product line to all who want to live healthier and train more efficiently.

Smart & Informed athletes use Species Nutrition products to look better, feel better, and perform at peak potential.

2020 GOLD SPONSOR for Nabba Wff Auckland Bodybuilding Champs.

Anna McCardle


Anna is one of NZs top female power lifters and has won many NZ National Titles during her bodybuilding & powerlifting career.

Her absolute dedication to her chosen sport has ensured her a top placing at every event Anna has entered.

Anna first started incorporating Species Nutrition in 2016 in a number of body-building events.

Paul Mailman


I love the powerlifting community and all that it has shown me during my time involved in this incredible sport.

Every competition lifting more weight, with better techniques, being supported by Species Nutrition to aid in quick recovery from the demands on the human body that this type of sport has.

Species Sponsorship 


A tiered program to allow opportunities for athletes of all levels to gain sponsorship from Species Nutrition NZ.

We are currently exploring sponsorship opportunities with all levels of athletes.

Become part of the best product line to live healthier and train more efficiently.


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