Since trying Fiberlyze, it's my first choice for additional fiber that works!

The Macadamia Nut Oil is bar none, the best on the market, and Isolyze has become my favorite whey protein isolate because it’s smooth, mixes well with water and has a great taste, in any favor!

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Nutritionist and Pro Bodybuilder, I'm looking for a high level of quality. Species Nutrition ingredients and nutrients are packed with power, great flavors and obvious effectiveness.  I'm a fan!

Dr Mimi Jabalee, Chiropractor


My name is Cody Floyd and I'm 22-years-old.

I want to share my success with you at Species Nutrition.

Last December I was at the heaviest I’ve ever been, 320 lbs! It started to take a toll on my body. It was time for a change. I have a friend in the navy who is a bodybuilder so I went to him for advice.

His advice was simple, buy Lipolyze by Species Nutrition.

I've been ordering Lipolyze and Somalyze since the first of the year. With that being said, I’m now 215 pounds! I've lost 105 lbs and still going. I just wanted to thank you at Species Nutrition for your help in my journey!


Being the first time having an online coach, I was blown away at how easy this prep was. We worked to put on muscle with a calculated off-season so flipping the switch to contest prep wasn’t at all like I had experienced. I was able to come in more conditioned than ever and best physique to date while maintaining long work hours, many business trips, and some sanity.

This was all possible despite overcoming addiction and an eating disorder. I am amazed and extremely grateful for Dave’s guidance and abundance knowledge making whatever obstacle presented with a solution never breaking my spirit.

I have never looked or felt better and am looking forward to see just how far we can take my physique! One prep down many to go!

Marcela Corona


"On average, I ski 260 days a year," says Professional Ski Instructors of America National Demonstration Team member Jonathan Ballou. "When I ski, I ski hard all day and I need supplements that can help me perform at my peak ability for every hour and every turn I make on the slopes."

Snowboard professional Seth Johns, a current member of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors also is a big fan of Species Nutrition.

"I am always pushing myself to do bigger and badder tricks, and launching massive airs off cliffs," says Johns. "Whether I am doing a photoshoot for one of my sponsors, competing in a big mountain freeride contest, or hard charging with my friends on a powder day, quitting is not an option. Species products keep me at my best all day, every day."

While you may not be quite as hardcore as Jonathan Ballou or Seth Johns, you know you can always perform at the top of your game with Species Nutrition.


Kemp Ow 21st April 2020

Species came highly recommended to me years ago during training regimes both in the USA and Aus and quickly became the only nutrition product on my shelf. Noticed they had finally arrived here in New Zealand on Saturday, placed an order Sunday and received it today (Tuesday) even outside of a pandemic that is fast. I opened the box to find some much appreciated freebies also.

Very happy, does not matter where i go the quality and customer service is top notch. Cant rate the product and company highly enough.


Phil Marvin 27th May 2020

I am amazed at the quality of this product, the best mixing powder I have ever tried and I have been taking supplements for 30 years now. Not only dose it mix perfectly in a shaker but the flavour was smooth and rich and clean tasting unlike other brands which leave an after taste in your mouth. Got my wife to try it and when she read the label she was blown away with the grams of protein versus calories per serve as this is a factor for her. I am a convert , working through my last bucket before stocking up with Isolyze, I will also be moving to other Species products as the quality experienced with this product has impressed me that much.